Commercial law

Legal consulting, assistance and/or representation of customers in various specific procedures regarding trading companies and non-profit organizations with regard to:

■     incorporation of trading companies and non-profit organizations, drafting of the articles
        of incorporation, agreements of shareholders/associates, amendments of the
        incorporation documents;
■     mergers, split-ups, dissolutions and purchases;
■     obtain the permit or licence for operation in various fields of activity;
■     negotiations regarding various purchase operations, integrated consulting services for
        trading company management, regardless of the scope of activity, due to our
        collaboration with consulting companies specializing in tax optimization, accounting
        and business management;
■     drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts;
■     assistance before notaries public and before any public and/or private institution;
■     direct reconciliation procedures and any kind of commercial disputes, at all levels of
        trial, before ordinary courts or before arbitration courts, involving the elaboration of all
        the necessary documents, the preparation and follow-up of strategies and defences, as
        well as in the foreclosure phase;
■     disputes related to the insolvency procedure, regulated by Law no. 85/2006, by
        drafting applications to start the insolvency procedure, contestations, and prepare the
        defence strategy against applications to start the bankruptcy procedure as part of and
        during the entire insolvency procedure, representation in the creditors’ meeting
        or committee;
■     elaboration and implementation of an efficient management strategy for recovering
        accounts receivable and initiation and promotion of negotiations aiming at rescheduling
        the company’s debts towards its creditors.

PSBH is looking for a Lawyer-in-training

SCPA PSBH POPESCU, NICOLAU & ASOCIATII recruits two persons for the position of Lawyer-in-training – years 1, including the class of 2018. Requirements: – member of the Bucharest Bar; – professional experience of at least 1 year; – theoretical and practical knowledge in commercial, civil and procedural civil law; – foreign languages: average-advanced level of [...]