A reliable partner and the best solutions for your problems – this you will always find at PSBH. Since 2010, PSBH Popescu, Nicolau and Associates offers legal consulting services, assistance and representation high standards, for all categories of clients and for issues in most branches of law. We believe in freedom and balance, two of the values ​​that guide our day-to-day activity, and relationships with our clients often proves to be long-term partnerships. We like to say that we have a social debt for the right people, we are ambitious and we do not give up until we find the most innovative solutions for our customers.

A team of specialists

The PSBH team consists of specialists in various branches of law, this being one of our biggest advantages. Sometimes a legal issue is so complex that it requires the opinions of several lawyers or consultants. We make this process much more efficient because we have among us specialists in all kinds of legal problems, with experience and who have a high level of creativity – no problem can bring us down, not even that situation that seems impossible to solve. Professionalism, 100% dedication and involvement, creativity and innovation – all these are the characteristics of a strong team, which you can only find at PSBH!

Impressive Success Rate

In the more than 10 years of activity we have had various cases from all branches of law, more or less complex. We got involved just as much in all cases, regardless of the level of complexity and we tried to give everything to get a favorable result for our client. Today we can boast an impressive success rate in the cases we take over, and this is largely due to team spirit and results orientation.

Professional guidance and mentoring

Over time, our team has been joined by many trainee lawyers who have given their best interest to gather information and gain experience, getting involved in all the cases we have taken over. We like to believe that we are good trainers of lawyers, and all those who want to practice in this field will always enjoy in our team of professional guidance and mentoring, the best advice from the best specialists.

We are waiting for you with the best legal advice and the best solutions for your problems because at PSBH we turn impossible situations into opportunities!

We like to think about ourselves that we are good trainers of lawyers, offering professional guidance and mentoring to all team members who demonstrate that they really want to perform in this field.

Available positions