The Civil Society of Lawyers PSBH Popescu, Nicolau and Associates was established in 2010, and since then offers legal advice, assistance and representation in all branches of law, with a strong team of lawyers and professional consultants. The relationship with all clients is based on two of the values ​​that guide us and our daily activity: freedom and balance, and our main goal is to offer the most innovative legal solutions to any problem you face, in the shortest time. We are always results-oriented and do not shy away from challenges – the greater the challenge, the more ambitious we are to find the best solution, and this does not tire us at all, on the contrary, it provides us the energy needed to solve as many cases as possible.

We are the PSBH team and whatever problem you have, we are committed to solve it in your favor as soon as possible. So, leave all the worries to us because we are ready for everything! We are always up to date with the legislation in force, we use the latest technologies to be efficient and we are passionate about everything we do.