The adminstration of personnel files requires attention, time, costs and qualified personnel within the human resources department. The outsourcing of these services ensures the performance of specific human resources activities, according to the legislation in force. Reduced costs, the guarantee of a correct record and the support of qualified personnel, representing the main advantages of the partners who requested our services.

In this field, the main services we offer are:

  • Specialized consultancy on labour legislation;
  • Obtaining the access data in the online register (Revisal) of records of the employees from the Territorial Labour Inspectorate;
  • Preparation of personnel files;
  • Preparation and registration of individual employment contracts;
  • Preparation of documents necessary for the modification, suspension or termination of individual employment contracts;
  • Preparation of job descriptions;
  • Preparation of the necessary certificates for the employed staff;
  • Registration of documents in Revisal;
  • Maintaining the relationship with the Territorial Labour Inspectorate for partners;
  • Preparation of reports requested by management;
  • Preparation, completion and transmission of the General Register of Employees.