Emergency Situation Certificate

What is the meaning of Emergency Situation Certificate?

The Emergency Situation Certificate is granted by the Ministry of Energy, Economy and Business Environment at the request of economic operators in order to benefit from fiscal facilities provided by public administration institutions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as for the renegotiation of contracts in the process of being executed or to justify any other benefits provided by the government.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Emergency Situation Certificates?

Economic operators carrying out their principal activity in one of the following sectors:

-          Transportation

-          Tourism

-          Hospitality industry

-          Event planning

-          Advertising

-          Private education and related activities

-          Clothing, footwear and leather industry

-          Services for the general public

Under what conditions the Emergency Situation Certificate may be issued?

- The company had revenues of at least 40% lower than the same period of last year, proven with a balance sheet;

-The company is in difficulty, but the revenues decreased by 40% than the previous year, in which case the company will prove additional supporting documents in this respect.

What is the procedure for issuing Emergency Situation Certificates?

The request for issue shall be made by the platform http://prevenire.gov.ro/ and it will contain the following information:

-          The identification details of the economic operator

-          The contact details

-          The reason for requesting the Emergency Situation Certificate

-          The justification for the need of the Emergency Situation Certificate

-          Data relating to the financial statements

What are the supporting documents?

-          Sole Registration Certificate

-          Manager/legal representative ID card

-          Certified balance sheet for the month in which the significant decrease in revenue was observed

-          Balance sheet relating to the same periods of the previous year

-          Declaration under his sole responsibility by which the applicant fully assumes that both the declared and the loaded documents are valid and the decrease was directly caused by the occurrence of the emergency situation, detailing in concrete terms

-          The establishment certificate issued by the Trade Register

-          Authorization of the depositor, where appropriate

What is the time limit for issuing the Emergency Situation Certificate?

-           5 working days on a reduction of at least 40% in revenues

-          20 working days decrease below 40% threshold

What is the validity of the Emergency Situation Certificate?

-          The certificate will be required from April 2020

-          The certificate shall be valid throughout the year of issue

For details, information and/or support in obtaining the Emergency Situation Certificate please send us a message to office@psbh.ro

Article by our colleague lawyer Maria Mîndrean.

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