Legal consulting, assistance and/or representation of trading companies, trade unions and natural persons with regard to:
■     drafting and negotiation of and entering into individual and collective employment
■     specific dismissal procedures;
■     elaboration of the internal rules of order or of opinions on various aspects related to
        labour relationships;
■     labour law disputes;
■     respect to equality of opportunity and elimination of discrimination under all its forms.

Emergency Situation Certificate

What is the meaning of Emergency Situation Certificate? The Emergency Situation Certificate is granted by the Ministry of Energy, Economy and Business Environment at the request of economic operators in order to benefit from fiscal facilities provided by public administration institutions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as for the renegotiation of [...]

The attorneys at PSBH participate in the achievement of the project “Lawyers for equality”

Marian Popescu and Roxana Staniloaie have successfully completed the training session as part of the project “Lawyers for equality”, thus becoming trainers for the future seminars on the equality between women and men.
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