PSBH team responds to its customers, assisting them in the employment procedure of citizens from EU Member States and non-EU citizens.
Aware of the lack of human resources in almost all Romanian industries, we adapted our experience to the requirements of each customer, providing legal assistance in the employment procedure, both in terms of supporting documents and representation to the competent authorities.
Our team provides support in the field of immigration, like this:
- Getting the opinion from the Employment Ministry in the case of citizens from outside the European Union;
- Prepare the necessary documents (drafting, translation) for obtaining the work opinion from the General Inspectorate for Immigration;
- Provide legal assistance in front of embassies, for the purpose of obtaining visas;
- Support the conclusion of contracts of employment on a lawful basis;
- Establish the procedure for obtaining a residence permit before the General Inspectorate for Immigration;
- Provides support for the extension of residence permits;
- Attend hearings before the officers of the authorities powers to deal with different situations of dispute;
- Mediates the relationship of customers with other persons whose contribution is necessary in the procedure, respectively: Authorized translators, public notaries, etc.