It & Telecom

One of the principles governing the PSBH is technology and continuous improvement of activity through digitalization. For this reason, PSBH focused on providing legal services to both IT companies and companies that have implemented technology solutions for either e-commerce or for everyday internal activity or virtual space presence.
PSBH also represented in various disputes derived from the protection of rights, which, by its specific nature, raises many issues, particularly in terms of probation.
In the it field, PSBH thus provides legal advice, assistance and representation in relation to:
• registration and protection of IT products and services developed, and their continuing protection,
• implementation of IT solutions for e-commerce,
• implementation of IT solutions and internal software related to everyday business and GDPR,
• advice on the granting or taking over of software licenses,
• assistance in disputed situations concerning the protection of developed licenses or products,
• representation in various disputes specific to this area of practice.