Tax compliance

In the tax field, PSBH has extensive experience both in the changing climate of taxes and duties, and is involved in maintaining a climate of complete legality on day-to-day operations, and in numerous conflicts in this area.
One of the principles governing our work, especially in this area, is prevention, so that PSBH provides legal and tax advice from the very beginning of any project and during the day-to-day operation of the business, informing about both the steps to be taken and the risks involved in particular steps.
In the field of tax and tax, PSBH provides:
- Assistance during the course of day-to-day work,
- Identify risks and measures to minimize them,
- Support for the implementation of changes in legislation or changes in activity,
- Assistance in the implementation of tax incentives, or in the course of the recovery or reimbursement of duties and taxes,
- Assistance in the checks carried out by the tax supervisory bodies,
- Assistance in administrative disputes relating to the results of fiscal checks,
- Assistance in challenging the results of fiscal controls before the courts;