The protection of personal data has become an area of practice developed with the entry into force of Regulation 2016/679, which is why PSBH has allocated important resources for the interpretation and application of legal provisions by its customers.

The technology developed rapidly in recent years allows both private companies and public authorities to use personal data on an unprecedented scale in their activities, and therefore, PSBH ensures that the new Regulation is implemented, providing legal advice throughout the process of processing personal data.

Starting with basic activities within a legal person, respectively: drafting employee agreements on the processing of personal data, third party consent forms, until the formulation and implementation of the GDPR internal policy, PSBH provides full support in this area, respectively:

  • We analyze the activity of each customer, to provide it with the best possible solutions for establishing databases and for maintaining the confidentiality of all protected data;
  • We build document packages necessary to comply with the rules on processing personal data, according to the specific nature of the customer’s activity;
  • We support the analysis, drafting and application of the rules for each type of business;
  • We support the implementation of the GDPR in contractual relationships that ensure that customers and suppliers comply with the GDPR provisions and protect the personal data of data subjects;
  • We ensure that our customers’ employees are also protected and informed of their rights by providing customers with support in the GDPR internal policy procedure, analyzing possible legal limitations and the consequences of not complying with them.