We know how important a business for each entrepreneur is, and the accounting and tax issues are probably the ones that matter the most. Why? Because they simply cannot afford to miss deadlines or misinterpret anything when it comes to the relationship with the state and its institutions.

This is one of the reasons why we help our partners deal with tax laws, regulations and rules that they are not very familiar with or do not necessarily want to know more about.

Therefore, these are some of the financial-accounting services we offer:

  • Organising and managing specific accounting evidence activities;
  • Processing and operation of accounting documents;
  • Keeping complete accounting records;
  • Preparation of accounting journals provided by law;
  • Preparation of the audit balance and the analytical balance;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual statements depending on the form of organization of our partner;
  • Preparation, certification and submission of annual, half-yearly or interim financial statements (balance sheets), in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • Calculation of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payment obligations (income tax, profit tax, dividend tax, value added tax, taxes and contributions for employees, etc.);
  • Preparation of payment orders for the payment of taxes and duties;
  • Preparation of customized reports for management;
  • Review of accounting records;
  • Making payments through internet banking based on a list of payments approved by the partner;
  • Registration with the Public Finance Administration of the changes of the fiscal vector;
  • Preparation and transmission of regular information on tax legislative changes of interest to partners;
  • Assisting partners in the annual or periodic inventory of company assets;
  • Preparation and transmission of statistical reports requested by the National Bank of Romania or the National Institute of Statistics;

Revision or preparation of the Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual.