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We like to believe that we are good lawyer makers, by offering professional guidance and mentorship to all the team members who demonstrate that they really desire to make performance in this field that, we must admit, is not for everybody.

During our 10-years activity, we have developed internship and professional training programs  that have contributed to the development of more than 30 lawyers-in-training, some of whom have remained in our team, whereas others have joined multinational companies or well-known law firms, becoming famous in their professional area, due to their skills and results. We are more than happy for such a thing, as in this way we have contributed, and we constantly contribute, to the increase of the professional potential and the heritage we leave behind.

How have we managed to raise them up so beautifully? By ensuring their professional guidance and mentorship.

As a method of work, we act following the principle „you do not know whether you like it or not until you try”. This means that we are careful that all the lawyers-in-training,  who have come to join our team , should be exposed to as many case types as possible, out of which many are law branches, following that he or she will choose the talent zone on which to built his/her future career.

In addition, maybe the most important thing is the fact that they always have a fully qualified lawyer next to them to guide their professional steps. The rests depends on every one’s skills to “steal the profession” and to get on top.

If you are interested in acquiring a position in our team, all that you have to do is to send us your CV to the address any time.

Available positions:
Trainee Lawyer – we have two positions of Trainee Lwayers that are in recruiting at present. See whether it suits you and apply for it by sending your CV in an email with the subject “Trainee Lawyer”.

Paralegal – we are looking for new colleagues within the Paralegal department. If you think you are fit for the job, don’t hesitate to send us your CV at