In the last 10 years of activity, PSBH has accumulated extensive experience in the field of litigation, working in all areas of practical interest to professionals, proving a high level of expertise through solutions provided both to prevent disputes and to resolve them in before the courts and other bodies with jurisdictional activity.

The PSBH team is fully assigned to litigation, each of its lawyers having expertise in various areas of practice, as follows:

  • Trade relations and insolvency;
  • Administrative disputes;
  • Labour law and labour disputes;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Real estate law;
  • Civil law;
  • Criminal law and business criminal law;
  • Public procurement and public-private partnerships;
  • Banking law;
  • National and international arbitration.

Reference cases

  • The PSBH was a successful company focused on providing consultancy services in the construction sector, as part of the recovery of money from subcontracting contracts, directly from the beneficiary.  Following the steps taken, the court ordered the beneficiary to pay the sums requested.
  • The PSBH was a successful real estate developer in a lease-driven action, which was aimed at obliging the real estate developer to pay moral damages as a result of failure to comply with the obligation to do so.  Following the steps taken, the court ruled that the application for legal action was rejected as unfounded.
  • The PSBH was successful in a customer-promoted claim for furniture against a company, with a view to claiming unentitled movable property and obtaining compensation for damage caused by non-use of movable property.
  • The PSBH successfully represented the interests of a customer – real estate developer, in a dispute arising from an contract of contract of employment, in which the parties established the method of payment as a compensation for apartments.  The contractor, although he did not fully perform the contract, requested the court to oblige the beneficiary to pay the sum of 942.000 lei.  Our team invoked the impossibility of the court to intervene in the contract by changing the price as well as the exception of non-performance of the contract.  The court solution was favorable to our client, as it was exempt from the obligation to pay the 942.000 lei.
  • The PSBH provided legal assistance and representation of a real estate developer in a contract termination dispute initiated by a supplier of construction materials which, in return for the supply of the materials and within the limits of their consideration, accepted the acquisition of a number of apartments from the building.  Although our client paid the price by selling apartments that exceeded the value of the materials supplied, the supplier asked for the price increase with another apartment.  Our team demonstrated the non-reliability of the claimant’s request, obtaining a court ruling that rejected claims of approximately 105.000 lei.

Marian Popescu
Managing Partner