Outsourcing payroll services is a very effective solution for companies, as it offers the security of compliance with legal requirements and deadlines, the correct calculation and processing of the salary income for employees, securing personal data and preparing all necessary documents, without the need for specialized software or dedicated department.

The main services in the field of payroll that we offer to our partners are:

  • Verification and processing of the monthly timekeeping, documents and data (operation of bonuses, bonuses, overtime, night hours, disciplinary sanctions, detentions, holidays, etc.) in order to perform the monthly salary calculation, according to current legislation;
  • Carrying out the calculation of monthly taxes and duties;
  • Preparation and transmission of documents resulting from performing calculations: payroll, pay slips, summary, payment orders for taxes, declarations, statistical reports, etc.;
  • Preparation and submission of the single declaration no. 112 – “Declaration on the obligations to pay social security contributions, income tax and nominal records of insured persons.”;
  • Preparation and submission of declaration no. 205 regarding the withholding tax and the gains / losses realized by the income beneficiaries;
  • Preparing and keeping records of rest leave;
  • Verification of medical leave certificates;
  • Preparing and keeping records of medical leave;
  • Specialized consultancy in connection with payroll;
  • Preparation and submission of files for the recovery of contributions for sick leave and social health insurance benefits;
  • Preparation of reports on salaries, necessary for the management of partners.