Our team provides tax support in all operations, providing answers to all questions, whether they relate to day-to-day operations or elements to be considered in the fundamental change of the business.

One of the principles that governs our activity, especially in this matter, is prevention, so we can offer you tax advice from the start of any project, as well as during the course of the activity. We inform our partners about the steps to follow and about the risks involved in certain steps.

Without limiting ourselves to these, we detail some of the tax consultancy services offered:

  • Tax consultancy in order to choose the appropriate form of organization for each type of business;
  • Tax consultancy in order to carry out the activity of newly established and existing companies;
  • Tax advice regarding taxes and duties due by individuals and legal entities, regardless of the form of organization (private limited company, joint stock company, non-governmental organization, sole trader, sole partnership, liberal professions);
  • Tax consultancy and due diligence regarding any type of transactions (acquisitions, assignments, financing, reorganizations, investments, mergers, divisions, etc.);
  • Tax advice regarding the implementation of transactions;
  • Tax advice regarding the planning of holding structures;
  • Tax advice regarding the VAT;
  • Tax advice regarding the reimbursement of the VAT;
  • Tax advice regarding the modification of the fiscal vector of the company.